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Accessories for analytical balances ALT-B / Kern® 
Accessories for moisture analyser DBS / Kern® 
Accessories for moisture analyser MLS-A / Kern® 
Accessory for bench scales / Kern® 
Analytical balances ABP / Kern® 
Analytical balances ABS-N / ABJ-NM / Kern® 
Analytical balances ADB / Kern® 
Bench scales DE-D / Kern® 
Compact balances model EMB / Kern® 
Compact balances model EMS / Kern® 
DKD certificate for milligram weights F 1 / Kern® 
DKD certificates for individual weights F1 / Kern® 
Electronic suspension balance models CH / Kern® 
Electronic suspension balances, models HDB / Kern® 
Hanging scales HCB / Kern® 
Individual weights F1, brass nickel plated / Kern® 
Milligram weights F1 / Kern® 
Moisture analyser DAB / Kern® 
Moisture analyser DBS / Kern® 
Moisture analyser DLB / Kern® 
Platform scales EOB / EOS / Kern® 
Pocket balance model TAB / Kern® 
Pocket balance model TCB 200-1 / Kern® 
Pocket balance model TEE / Kern® 
Pocket balances model TGC / Kern® 
Pocket balances models CM / Kern® 
Precision balances - EG series / Kern® 
Precision balances - series 440 / Kern® 
Precision balances PCB / Kern® 
Precision balances PCD / Kern® 
Precision balances PFB / Kern® 
Precision balances PLJ / Kern® 
Precision balances PNS / PNJ / Kern® 
Standard boxes for individual weights F1 / Kern® 
Standard boxes for milligram weights / Kern®