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Accessories for desiccator wall / Bohlender 
Accessories for SICCO Tower-Star-Desiccator / Bohlender 
Auto-desiccator wall, PMMA / Bohlender 
Desiccants, orange / Azelis 
Desiccator bases NOVUS / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccator bases with flat flange, no outlet / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccator lid Mobilex, Duran, with screw-thread outlet / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccator lid, Duran, with knob / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccator lid, Duran, with tubus / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccator plate / DWK Life Sciences 
Desiccator plates, porcelain / Haldenwanger 
Desiccator sealing rings / Kleinfeld Labortechnik 
Desiccator wall antistatic, PC ESD / Bohlender 
Desiccator wall, PMMA / Bohlender 
Desiccators, Duran®, with knobbed lid / DWK Life Sciences 
Dessic. / lid PC, base / desiccant tray PP nom. size 150 mm, with venting stopper / BRAND 
Dessicators 'Novus' / BRAND 
DURAN® desiccator with screw thread in lid and base, with stopcock, DN 200 / DWK Life Sciences 
DURAN® Exsikkator-Deckel, mit speziellem Tubus NS 24/29, mit Rillen / DWK Life Sciences 
DURAN® Exsikkator-Unterteile mit Planflansch / DWK Life Sciences 
DURAN® stopcock with PTFE-spindle, for lid with tubulature, for type NOVUS / DWK Life Sciences 
Exsikkator-Einsätze, Porzellan / DWK Life Sciences 
O-Ringe, für Flansche, aus Silikon (VMQ), transparent / DWK Life Sciences 
O-rings, FEP coated, for flange DN 150, red / DWK Life Sciences 
SICCO auto-Star-Desiccator / Auto-Star-Desiccator Vitrum / Bohlender 
SICCO big-Star-Desiccator / Big-Star-Vitrum Desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO desiccant cartridge / Bohlender 
SICCO dolly desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO Maxi 1-Desiccator / Maxi 1-Vitrum-Desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO Maxi 2-Desiccator / Maxi 2-Vitrum-Desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO mini desiccators antistatic Basic / Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO Mini desiccators black Basic / Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO Mini desiccators for gas filling Basic / Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO Mini desiccators Protect Basic / Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO Mini Mobile Basic / Premium desiccators / Bohlender 
SICCO mini-Desiccators Basic / Mini-Desiccators Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO star-desiccator / Star-Vitrum-desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO star-Desiccator Double / Bohlender 
SICCO Star-Desiccator Horizontal / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontal / Bohlender 
SICCO Star-Thermo desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO Super-Star-Desiccator / Super-Star-Desiccator Vitrum / Bohlender 
SICCO Tower-Star-Desiccator / Bohlender 
Stopcock for desiccators, Duran tubing, side tubus / Lenz Laborglas 
Stopcock for desiccators, Duran tubing, tubulated lid / Lenz Laborglas 
Stopcock with PTFE-spindle, Mobilex / DWK Life Sciences 
Vacuum desiccator MOBILEX 'ready to use' / DWK Life Sciences 
Vacuum desiccator, PC, Nalgene / Thermo Scientific 
Vacuum Desiccators, Duran, with stopcock / DWK Life Sciences 
Vacuum desiccators, PC / PP / Bel-Art Products