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Spectrometer & Cell Counter fluidlab R-300

Spectrometer & Cell Counter fluidlab R-300  anvajo
Spectrometer & Cell Counter fluidlab R-300  anvajo
Spectrometer & Cell Counter fluidlab R-300  anvajo
Spectrometer & Cell Counter fluidlab R-300 anvajo
Spectrometry and cell counting in one device.

The fluidlab R-300 combines two central laboratory technologies:
1. Spectrometry and
2. Cell counting in a portable device.

The device can be used with standard cuvettes as well as with anvajo sample carriers for a wide range of applications.

The fluidlab R-300 is the smallest unit of cell counter and spectrometer available worldwide. Due to its small form factor, the fluidlab R-300 can be used on the move and the long-life battery allows it to be used without external power supply.

Collecting samples, performing analyses and interpreting results is easier than ever before. Easy handling inside and outside the laboratory is made possible by short on/off times. No calibration is required.

Accurate and reliable
Validated results show a high correlation with traditional laboratory instruments and ensure low coefficients of variance that meet international regulatory requirements.

Quantitative results are available in less than a minute without pre-analytical steps. Intuitive data presentations combined with shortened processing times enable immediate decision making in laboratory procedures.

Cell counter
  • Colourless viability measurements.
  • Sample volume <= 20 µl.
  • Filter function according to specific cell sizes.
  • Cell counting in less than one minute.
  • Compatible sample carriers: anvajo acella slides.

  • Precise absorption and scattered light measurements.
  • Complete spectral graphs.
  • Wizard for calibration curves.
  • Minimisation of measurement errors through intuitive software.

Fields of application:
Teaching, research, industry, environmental institutes, food and beverages.

Items supplied:
fluidlab R-300 analyser incl. power plug, USB cable, adapter 01, adapter 02, adapter 03, adapter key, sensor cleaner, user manual, quick start guide.
Technical Data:
Battery life:5 h*
Display:3.5" colour touchscreen
Connectivity:802.11 b / g / n wireless LAN
Input:5 V DC via USB-C power supply
Data storage:internal flash memory
Cell counter

Analysis method:
Field of View:
image recognition / machine learning
2.3 x 2.3 mm (5.3 mm2)
Cell size:3 to 80 µm (cell counting),
8 to 80 µm (viability)
Cell concentration:1 x 104 - 2 x 107 cells / ml**
Light source:

multiple wavelengths LED module
Wavelength range:
Spectral bandwidth:
375 to 700 nm
< 2 nm
Photometric measuring range:0 to 2.5
Compatible sample carriers:standard cuvettes (10 x 10 mm)
Ausführungmobile device
Messparametercell counting
Length94.00 [mm]
Width33.00 [mm]
Height128.00 [mm]
Weight240.00 g
Beschreibungphotometrische Zellzählung, färbungsfrei
 TypMin. cell concentration
Max. cell concentration
Min. cell size
Max. cell size
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* Battery capacities depend on network configuration and many other factors; actual results may vary. The battery has limited recharge cycles and may need to be replaced with anvajo.
Battery life and charge cycles vary depending on use and settings.
** Depending on the sample carrier.
Accessories for spectrometer & cell counter fluidlab R-300 / anvajo