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Screw Pump VACUU·PURE® 10

Screw pump for non-corrosive applications.

The dry screw pump VACUU·PURE® 10 reliably delivers the benefits of oil-free vacuum technology in the pressure range down to 10-3 mbar.

VACUU·PURE 10 is ideal for clean processes which require a dry and hydrocarbon-free vacuum. The spindles of the screw pump run contact-free and are thus free of abrasion and wear. The screw pump is especially designed for processes in the vacuum range down to 10-3 mbar, however unlike other fine vacuum technologies it can be used across the entire pressure range from atmospheric pressure to its ultimate vacuum. The evacuation of even larger systems from atmospheric pressure down to the 10-3 mbar vacuum range can be done without changing the vacuum pump.

VACUU·PURE easily handles high levels of vapor accumulation through its extraordinary condensate compatibility. Thanks to this capability, a gas ballast is unnecessary, avoiding associated disadvantages like the reduction in pumping speed and an increase in noise levels. The integrated regeneration mode enables rapid drying of the pump at the end of the process. This allows sample throughput to be increased significantly as compared to other pump technologies.

VACUU·PURE 10 combines 3 important benefits for the user:

100 % oil-free
No hydrocarbons.

For dry and hydrocarbon-free operation. The special design with 2 cantilevered spindles and a magnetic gear allows fully oil-free operation. This enables clean processes and pure products and protects the laboratory and environment. Save both time and operating costs, since there is no need to dispose of waste oil or to interrupt your work for oil changes.

No abrasion
Clean processes, pure products.

The working principle of VACUU·PURE is based on gap sealing. The unique operating principle enables contact-free rotation of the spindles.

The vacuum pump operates abrasion-free. This ensures an ultrapure vacuum as well as contamination-free exhaust air. In addition, there is no wear due to abrasion, allowing for continuous operation.

No wear parts
Safe processes without interruption.

A major benefit of VACUU·PURE is that it does not have any wear parts. The spindles rotate contact-free. Components are manufactured with the highest precision, down to the smallest detail.

The special design enables you to run your process without interruption. VACUU?PURE has no scheduled maintenance for replacement of wear parts. This saves time, reduces operating costs, and enables trouble-free operation.

Items supplied:
Pump completely mounted, ready for use, connection with small flange KF DN 25, with manual.
Gewicht21.10 kg
Noise level55.00 [dBA]
 Max. air flow
Ultimate pressure (abs.)
Order No.PU Availability
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