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Multi-Channel Pipettes Picus®, variable

Multi-Channel Pipettes Picus®, variable  Sartorius
Multi-Channel Pipettes Picus®, variable Sartorius
Picus® single channel is the lightest and smallest electronic pipette on the market. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal working posture and allows comfortable handling to ease the workload of laboratory professionals. Moreover, the light weight design and electronic tip ejection help protect users from repetitive strain injury.

Picus® is the right tool for everybody from intern to lab expert, being as easy to start with as a mechanical pipette and offering options for even the most advanced user. Picus® saves you time in the lab with pipetting modes and customizable programs for every need. The pipette is easy to get comfortable with and quick to use. Just pick it up, switch it on and pipette! You can also select from chouce of five languages: English, French, German, Russian, and Chinese.

Superior ergonomics
The uniquely lightweight and streamlined design of the Picus® single channel pipette ensures an effortless pipetting experience. The pipette rests lightly in the userás hand due to the comfortable handle and finger hook, and minimal gripping force is needed. The conveniently located soft-touch operating buttons, and electronic tip ejection, help minimize muscle strain, further enhancing the ergonomics of the pipette.

Speed up your work
The extensive range of pipetting modes, from diluting and titrating to serial dispensing, makes pipetting quick and easy. Microwell plate users have found that serial dispensing and sequential dispensing modes can save significant amount of time daily. Simple menu navigation and saving up to 10 favourite programs under hotkey speed up routine work. Fully charged battery lasts full day in most cases, and can also be charged quickly from empty to full in one hour.

Reliable results
The electronic brake and piston control system guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results, eliminating a lot of the variance between users. Using the unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate dispensing, by guiding the steps to pipette into the correct microplate wells. The informative display shows you all the necessary information wihtout beign complicated. Picus® pipettes can easily be adjusted for different kind of liquids, and up to 3 profiles can be saved to memory.

Over aspiration is unlike to happen with Picus® pipettes, as the electronic system does not draw the liquid inside tip cone. But sometimes you still want to clean your pipettes. Picus® single channel pipettes are extremely simple to disassemble for cleaning, you need only to unscrew tip ejection collar and cylinder, no tools needed. Also the lower parts (piston, cylinder, and tip ejection collar) can be autoclaved.
Pipette versionGLP
 No. of channelsMin. Volumen
Max. Volumen
Order No.PU Availability
8-channel0.2010.0063764711Login / Registration-
 8-channel5.00120.0063785421Login / Registration-
 8-channel10.00300.0063785431Login / Registration-
8-channel50.001200.0063593771Login / Registration-
12-channel0.2010.0051457231Login / Registration-
12-channel5.00120.0063727041Login / Registration-
12-channel10.00300.0063674481Login / Registration-
12-channel50.001200.0063722371Login / Registration-
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