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99.9 % antiviral

Shieldex® Copper Tape

Shieldex® Copper Tape  Statex
Shieldex® Copper Tape  Statex
Shieldex® Copper Tape  Statex
Shieldex® Copper Tape  Statex
Shieldex® Copper Tape Statex
Simply stick on - protects against viruses.

Inactivates 99.98 % of corona viruses within minutes.*

The ion release of copper significantly shortens the survival time of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Due to its positive properties, hospitals, for example, also use door handles made of solid copper. In comparison to solid copper, our three-dimensionally copper-plated textile has a 7-fold higher ion release. After only a few minutes, this enables a demonstrable inactivation of 99.98 % of corona viruses, among others.*

The tape can be used on all smooth and metallic surfaces, application on other textiles is not recommended. Examples of use: door handles and window handles.
1. When applying the tape, make sure that the surface is dry, free of oil, grease, dust and dirt.
2. Remove the carrier material.
3. Position the sticker centrally on the handle, guide it evenly around the handle so that the leading and trailing edges meet or overlap on the underside. Then smooth the textile with your fingers from the centre outwards.

Regularly remove superficial dirt from the copper tape with a soft brush. In the case of very heavy soiling that cannot be removed, we recommend replacement with a replacement tape to restore optimum effectiveness. The oxidation of copper is a natural process.
Technical Data:
Size of cuttings:80 x 100 x 0.55 mm
Surface material:copper-plated polyamide fleece
Adhesive material:acrylate (adhesion resistance - 40 to + 120 °C)
Storage:cool and dry, at 15 to 25 °C up to 65% rel. humidity
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* Push handles, handrails, shopping carts and much more.
Safety instructions: the polyamide and polyester textiles are electroplated with pure copper. Various international studies have shown a significant reduction in the survival time of viruses, bacteria and fungi on copper surfaces.
Since our copper tape has a significantly increased copper ion release compared to full copper, however, permanent contact with the skin is not recommended.
This product serves as a supplementary measure and does not replace hygiene measures such as regular, thorough hand washing or hand disinfection.