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VIP ECO - 86 °C TwinGuard Freezers with Dual Cooling-System

VIP ECO - 86 °C TwinGuard Freezers with Dual Cooling-System  Panasonic
VIP ECO - 86 °C TwinGuard Freezers with Dual Cooling-System  Panasonic
VIP ECO - 86 °C TwinGuard Freezers with Dual Cooling-System  Panasonic
VIP ECO - 86 °C TwinGuard Freezers with Dual Cooling-System Panasonic
The safest ULT-freezer for long-term storage of valuable preparations.

With 2 independent cooling systems, TwinGuard freezers maintain a reliable and constant temperature environment of - 86 °C. Should a cooling system fail unexpectedly, the other circuit ensures that the irreplaceable samples are still safely cooled at a temperature of at least - 70 °C.
  • Filterless design reduces the time for routine maintenance because the regular moderate cleaning of filters is no longer necessary.
  • Switchable and microprocessor controlled ECO mode to optimise the energy consumption with almost constant performance.
  • Patented VIP-PLUS vacuum insulation with insulated outer door for optimal constant temperature while maximising storage capacity.
  • Vacuum release port: for repeated opening and closing of the front door without long waiting times.
  • Heated multi-chamber seal to minimise ice formation on the door frame.
  • Large colour LCD touch screen with a comprehensive alarm system and self-diagnosis functions. Status information and temperature recording USB stick transferable.
  • Calibratable Pt-1000 temperature sensor.
  • 2-part inner doors(s), insulated (optionally with 4 or 5 inner doors).*
  • Lockable outer door with Ezlatch handle for a smooth, one-handed operation and secure sealing against the stop. Arrangements for an additional lock available (cabinet models).
  • Lockable lid with heated seals and ergonomic height for easy opening and closing (chest models).
  • Multiple access ports allow independent probes, instruments or emergency cooling injectors (CO2 backup) for liquid CO2 can be introduced.
  • Remote alarm contact (NO / NC)
  • Emergency cooling with liquid CO2 (optional).
  • Flexible shelf arrangement.*
  • Silent operation.

Max. product safety
Certified as a class IIa medical device (93/42 / EEC and 2007/47 / EU) for medical purposes for the storage of cells, tissues, organs and embryos.
Technical Data:
Temperature range:- 50 to - 86 °C
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
min. working temperature-86.00 [°C]
Max. Temperature-50.00 [°C]
Inner width
Inner depth
Inner height
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Max. No. of boxes
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MDF-DU302VVX-PE, upright freezer360.00490.00600.001230.00670.00882.001840.00225.0024054486201Login / Registration-
 MDF-DU302VX-PE, upright freezer360.00490.00600.001230.00670.00882.001840.00225.0024052002971Login / Registration-
 MDF-DU502VX-PE, upright freezer528.00630.00600.001400.00790.00882.001993.00246.0038452002981Login / Registration-
 MDF-DU702VX-PE, upright freezer729.00870.00600.001400.001030.00882.001993.00278.0057652028881Login / Registration-
MDF-DC500VX-PE, chest freezer575.001190.00640.00756.002010.00845.001070.00328.0041654486211Login / Registration-
MDF-DC700VX-PE, chest freezer715.001480.00640.00756.002300.00845.001070.00358.0052051938881Login / Registration-
* Except chest models.
Optional accessories and storage racks available on request.