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Heating Circulators CORIO™ CP

Heating Circulators CORIO™ CP  Julabo
Heating Circulators CORIO™ CP Julabo
Heating circulators for internal and external temperature control tasks with insulated bath tanks made of st. steel.

The heating circulators feature professional technology for demanding applications. These units facilitate internal temperature control in the bath tank or control of externally connected applications.
  • Pump change-over between internal and external circulation.
  • High-quality bath tanks made of st. steel with bath lid and drain tap.
  • Integrated cooling coil for counter-cooling.
  • Class III (FL) acc. to DIN 12876-1.

External temperature applications in combination with jacketed reactors, distillation apparatus, mini-plant applications, photometers, refractometers and more, internal temperature applications of samples and small objects.
In addition to the advantages of the CORIO™ C circulator, the CORIO™ CP immersion circulator can be equipped with an optional pump set for temperature control of external applications.
Technical Data:
Temperature stability:± 0.02 °C
Heating capacity.2 kW
Flow rate.8 to 27 l / min
Pressure.0.1 to 0.7 bar
Temperature range20 to 200 °C
 TypeFilling volume
opening / depth
(W x D x H)
Order No.PU Availability
 CP-BC4313 x 15 / 15230 x 410 x 42054478281Login / Registration-
 CP-BC64.513 x 15 / 20240 x 440 x 47054478291Login / Registration-
 CP-BC128.522 x 15 / 20330 x 490 x 47054478301Login / Registration-
 CP-BC261926 x 35 / 20390 x 620 x 48054478311Login / Registration-