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Seal-R-Film™ Sealing Film

Seal-R-Film™ Sealing Film  BRAND
Seal-R-Film™ Sealing Film BRAND
Protects against evaporation, leakage, and contamination. Easy sealing with 300 % elasticity. Lot identification of each roll.

No more spilling, evaporation, and contamination! Seal-R-film™ sealing film seals beakers, flasks and other vessels. The sealing film can be stretched to three times its original length. This means that Seal-R-film™ always fits, even with irregular shapes. For traceability, each roll has a lot identification. With the BRAND cutter for sealing film you can cut rolls with widths of 50 and 100 mm efficiently and economically and store them cleanly.
Technical Data:
Thickness:0.14 ± 0.02 mm
Melting point:> 66 °C
Boiling point:> 288 °C
Continuous service temperature:- 20 to + 46 °C
Elasticity (25 °C):300 %
Tear strength (25 °C):1.5 MPa
Gas permeability in 24 h at room temperature and a pressure of 0.1 MPa:CO2 < 1000 cm³ / m²
O2 < 350 cm³ / m²
Water vapor permeability < 0.8 g / m²
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