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Accessories for Miele Washers and Disinfectors

Accessories for Miele Washers and Disinfectors  Miele
Accessories for Miele Washers and Disinfectors Miele
Upper- / lower baskets for modules:
For connecting 2 separate module inserts per level; each using half of the usable area. The inserts are slided into the coupling and then snaped into their final position.

Upper baskets / mount:
  • Open front side.
  • For taking up inserts.
  • Integrated spray arm.
  • Adjustable height.
  • A 101: equipping height 160 ± 30 mm (asymmetrical distribution of the rinsing area).
  • A 102: equipping height 205 ± 30 mm (even distribution of the rinsing area).

Lower basket / mount:
  • For taking up Miele half inserts or large-volume goods.
  • Equipping height depends on chosen upper basket.

Modules for lab glassware:
  • For taking up lab glassware as e. g. Erlenmeyer flasks, round bottom flasks, lab bottles, graduated flasks and measuring cylinders.

A 303 module for pipettes:
  • For taking up measuring- and full pipettes with 98 nozzles.
  • Supporting frame for pipettes with a height of 150 mm.

A 304 module for vials:
  • For taking up tubes as e. g. centrifuge tubes, vials, test tubes or autosampler tubes.

Mobile injector unit A 200:
For taking up 38 pipettes in 3 rows:
  • 1st row 10 pipettes - 100 ml; strut spacing holder: 20 mm.
  • 2nd row 14 pipettes - 25 ml; strut spacing holder: 26 mm.
  • 3rd row 14 pipettes - 10 ml; strut spacing holder: 26 mm.

A 802 flushing nozzle for injector modules:
Is offered when the operator uses powder detergents. They ensure a complete rinsing of powder residues from the dosing compartment and are available separately.

A 306/1 module for measuring cylinders:
  • For taking up lab glassware, especially for 4 x 1 to 2 l measuring cylinders.
  • Special contact surface avoids glass damages.

Thanks to the bracket design, large and heavy measuring cylinders are centred and securely fixed during processing. The enforced sloping position of the cylinders supports a good water drainage.

You can use either four 1 to 2 l cylinders, high form, simultaneously (also mixed), or two 1 to 2 l measuring cylinders, low form and additionally two further ones with high form.
Module:Items supplied:
A 304:98 jets (2.5 x 90 mm) with plastic support
A 313:for processing lab glass with large volumes, e. g. bottles from 2 to 10 l, round bottom flasks from 2 to 6 l, measuring flasks and Erlenmeyer flasks from 2 to 5 l
Caution: the modul requires either injectors A846, A847 or A 848.
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 A 313 module for lab glass with large volumes52040291Login / Registration-
A 100 upper basket for module54379911Login / Registration-
A 150 lower basket for module54379921Login / Registration-
A 101 upper basket / mount54379931Login / Registration-
A 102 upper basket / mount54379941Login / Registration-
A 151 lower basket / mount54379951Login / Registration-
A 303 module for pipettes54380041Login / Registration-
A 304 module for vials54380051Login / Registration-
 Injector unit A 20054380061Login / Registration-
A 802 flushing jet for injector unit54380071Login / Registration-
A 306 module for measuring cylinders54380081Login / Registration-