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Spring Clips

Spring Clips   BRAND
Spring Clips BRAND
Spring steel, coated with zinc and polyethylene. Non-scratching. Good chemical resistance. For wall mounting of cylindrical apparatus components, e. g. pipes, tubing etc.
Materialspring steel
Tubing clamp typeno indication
 TypeFür max. Schlauchdurchmesser
Order No.PU  Availability
 Bore 2,5 mm9.5052074811Login-
 Bore 3 mm13.0052074821 Login-
 Bore 3 mm16.0052074831 Login-
 Bore 3,5 mm19.0052074841 Login-
 Bore 3,5 mm25.0052074851 Login-
 Bore 4 mm29.0052074861 Login-
 Bore 4 mm32.0052074871 Login-
 Bore 4 mm42.0052074881 Login-
 Bore 4 mm51.0052074891 Login-
Order No. 5207489 with 2 bores.