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MAX-100 CryoStore™ Boxes

MAX-100 CryoStore™ Boxes  Nunc
MAX-100 CryoStore™ Boxes Nunc
Durable PC storage boxes for CryoTubes™ available with different dividers for different tube sizes: 10 x 10 dividers for internally threaded tubes, 9 x 9 dividers for externally threaded tubes or tubes fitted with CryoFlex™ or 8 x 8 dividers for microcentrifuge tubes.
Farbegrey / white
Länge132.00 mm
Breite132.00 [mm]
 Max. Anzahl GefäßeBeschreibungGesamthöhe
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Order No.PU Availability
 100With 10 x 10 divider52.001.0 to 1.8543039724Login / Registration-
 100With 10 x 10 divider78.003.6543039824Login / Registration-
 64With 8 x 8 divider52.001.5543039924Login / Registration-