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DURAN® Funnels
DWK Life Sciences

DURAN® Funnels  DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Funnels DWK Life Sciences
A funnel enables clean decanting and filtering of liquids.
  • Due to its shape, it can be used for liquid-solid filtration using a filter paper.
  • Burnt-in and therefore permanently durable white print image.
  • With short stem.
  • Autoclavable.
  • DIN ISO 4798.
  • Borosilicate 3.3 glass.
 AusführungUpper Ø
DescriptionOrder No.PU Availability
 funnel35.0060.00 52511231Login24
 funnel45.0080.00not acc. to ISO52511281Login37
 funnel55.0095.00 52511331Login-
 funnel70.00125.00not acc. to ISO52511381Login-
 funnel80.00140.00 52511411Login6
 funnel100.00180.00 52511461Login60
 funnel120.00210.00not acc. to ISO54300171Login19
 funnel150.00265.00 52511571Login9
 funnel200.00325.00not acc. to ISO52511611Login-
 funnel180.00290.00not acc. to ISO54300181Login-
 funnel300.00409.00not acc. to ISO54300201Login-
* Non ISO size.