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DURAN® Protect Laboratory Bottles
DWK Life Sciences

DURAN® Protect Laboratory Bottles  DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Protect Laboratory Bottles DWK Life Sciences
Multifunctional laboratory bottles with protective plastic coating.
  • The coating offers scratch, spill** and splinter protection**.
  • High resistance and long service life due to the coating.
  • Standardized GL thread and coordinated locking systems for particularly tight locking and simple, clean pouring.
  • UV protection up to approx. 380 nm (clear) and 500 nm (brown) wavelength through external coating.
  • Suitable for microwaves, autoclavable, without closure and without pouring ring.
  • ISO 4796-1.
  • With retrace code and batch certificate via the Internet.
MaterialBottle threadColourOrder No.PU Availability
 10.0050.0036.00DURAN® clear glassGL 25clear543332010Login-
 25.0070.0036.00DURAN® clear glassGL 25clear54231661Login4
 50.0087.0046.00DURAN® clear glass clear54231671Login4
 100.00100.0056.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear50719911Login28
 150.00110.0061.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear54253901Login7
 250.00138.0070.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear50719921Login87
 500.00176.0086.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear50719951Login121
 750.00203.0095.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear54253911Login8
 1000.00225.00101.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear50719961Login119
 2000.00260.00136.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear50719971Login29
 3500.00295.00160.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear54253921Login-
 5000.00330.00182.00DURAN® clear glassGL 45clear50719981Login-
5000.00330.00182.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amber54446101Login-
25.0070.0036.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 25amber544460510Login-
50.0087.0046.00DURAN\'ae amber glass amber544460610Login-
100.00100.0056.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amber637324710Login-
250.00110.0061.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amber636648010Login-
500.00176.0086.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amber544460710Login-
1000.00225.00101.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amber544460810Login-
2000.00260.00136.00DURAN\'ae amber glassGL 45amber544460910Login-
* Pouring ring not necessary.
** Only applies to 5000 ml bottles and less.
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