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Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips  ratiolab®
Pipette Tips ratiolab®
 DescriptionVolumePackOrder No.PU Availability
Pipette tips Crystal -G0.1 to 10 μlbag63041521000Login / Registration-
Pipette tips, yellow1 to 200 μlbag60724771000Login / Registration-
Pipette tips, colourless1 to 200 μlbag60704401000Login / Registration-
Pipette tips, blue100 to 1200 μlbag60682711000Login / Registration6
 Pipette tips, colourless100 to 1000 μlbag63271291000Login / Registration-
Pipette tips, macro for Gilson Pipetman / Neo, Eppendorf Research® plus, Ratiopetta1 to 5 mlbag5409141250Login / Registration-
Pipette tips, macro III for Eppendorf Research® plus, Ratiopetta, Biohit Proline1 to 5 mlbag5423107300Login / Registration-
Pipette tips, macro II for Socorex acura, Ratiopetta, Biohit Proline, Socorex acura1 to 5 mlbag5141474300Login / Registration-
Pipette tips for Finnpipettes, Dr. Lange, Brand1 to 5 mlfolding box540914075Login / Registration33