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Stomacher 400 Circulator

Stomacher 400 Circulator  Kleinfeld
Stomacher 400 Circulator Kleinfeld
In the circulator the crushing action is retained and the stirring action is enhanced. Curved paddles, an island baffle on the machine inside the door chamber and round bottom Stomacher bags mould the bag contents, on closing the door, into a tubular ring. In operation the paddles crush the sample and circulate the suspended debris and diluent. This produces additional processing effects.
  • Diluent and sample are extruded under pressure past the island baffle.
  • Vigorous stirring action of the bag contents from top to bottom.
  • Enhanced shearing forces.
  • Efficient and reliable.
  • 3 programs can be stored for one touch operation.
  • Auto-run function.
  • Countdown display (from 1 s to 99 min 59 s programmable).

Items supplied:
Stomacher 400 Circulator, incl. 1000 standard bags and 2 spare couplings.
Technical Data:

80 to 400 ml
Dimensions (W x L x H):350 x 335 x 280 mm
Weight:23 kg
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
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