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PCR Coolers

PCR Coolers  Eppendorf
PCR Coolers Eppendorf
For the protection, transport and storage of sensitive samples, as well as for safely stopping reactions. Ideal for PCR reaction setup, accommodates 96-well PCR plates, PCR strips and 0.2 and 0.5 ml PCR tubes.
  • Dry incubation technology eliminates contamination risk associated with classical icebath incubation.
  • Keeps an entire 96-well PCR plate cold for more than 1 h at 0 °C (with 2 h precooling at - 20 °C).
  • Features temperature indication: colour of the PCR cooler changes when temperature exceeds 7 °C (violet or dark blue when ice cold, pink or light blue when above 7 °C).
  • Space saving and stackable.
  • Special contour design prohibits freezing of samples.
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