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Dräger PARAT® Escape Hoods

Dräger PARAT® Escape Hoods  Dräger
Dräger PARAT® Escape Hoods Dräger
Dräger PARAT® escape hoods were developed in cooperation with users - always with the focus on the fastest escape. Optimised operation and wearing comfort, a robust housing and tested filters guarantee that the wearer of the Dräger PARAT® is protected from toxic industrial and fire-related gases, vapours and particles for at least 15 min.

Exceptionally innovative and intuitive: when opening the packaging, the filter plug is automatically released from the filter. The filter is then deployed into operational position and the hood can be immediately donned.
  • Great cost savings: replacing the filter after 8 years will extend the service life of the escape hood to 16 years in total.
  • Hood in signal colour for high visibility.
  • Thanks to the automatically adjusting internal head harness, no additional tightening of the hood is required.
  • Wide field of vision due to a specially formed visor.
  • Always a clear view thanks to a special anti-fog coating.
  • Flexible textile neck seal, alternatively available with an elastomeric neck seal for an even higher protection level.
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