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All-purpose jar / Vitlab 
Collecting vessels / Vitlab 
Containers / Thermo Scientific 
Culture tubes with screw cap / schuett-biotec 
Cylindrical jars / DWK Life Sciences 
Dispatch vessels with suction inlet and sample vessel / Sarstedt 
DURAN® calcium chloride cylinder, NS 34/35, 315 x Ø 53 mm / DWK Life Sciences 
DURAN® Zylinder mit Rundboden, für Doppelmantelgefäß, ohne Druck / DWK Life Sciences 
DURAPorter transport boxes / Heathrow Scientific 
Gas collecting tubes / Bel-Art Products 
Jar, withshoulder and lid, Duran / DWK Life Sciences 
Jars with push-on lid, PP / BRAND 
Jars with screw caps, PELD, / BRAND 
Jars, PS, with snap-on lid, PELD approx. 25 ml, conical shape / BRAND 
Jars, with lid, Duran / DWK Life Sciences 
Multi-purpose container, PEHD / hünersdorff 
Multi-purpose containers with snap-on lid / Sarstedt 
Multipurpose cylinders / DWK Life Sciences 
Push-on caps for sample cups / BRAND 
Sample boxes, aseptic / Bürkle 
Sample containers, PELD / Vitlab 
Sample containers, PFA / Vitlab 
Sample cups / BRAND 
Sample cups for analyser, Technicon / BRAND 
Sample cups for analysers / BRAND 
Sample tubes, aseptic, with seal / Bürkle 
Sample vials, PP / Vitlab 
SampleSafe seals / Bürkle 
Scintillation vial / Sarstedt 
Screw cap container / Sarstedt 
Screw cap tubes / Sarstedt 
Screw-top jars / Köhler Techn. Produkte 
Sealable wide mouth bottles / Bürkle 
Snap caps for containers / Thermo Scientific 
Specimen jars, Duran / DWK Life Sciences 
Specimen jars, Duran / DWK Life Sciences 
Standard cylinders / DWK Life Sciences 
Standard jars, wide mouth, PEHD, round / KAUTEX 
Universal beakers with screw cap / BRAND 
Urine beaker with press-on cap / BRAND 
Urine beaker, PP / BRAND 
Urine beakers with screw cap / BRAND 
Urine sample beakers / Heinz Herenz 
Vials, rolled rim, with snap-on lid / Resch 
Wide mouth jars, PMP / Thermo Scientific 
Wide mouth jars, PP / Thermo Scientific 
Wide-mouth jars, PC / Thermo Scientific