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Azlon Bottles
DWK Life Sciences

Azlon Bottles  DWK Life Sciences
Azlon Bottles DWK Life Sciences
Suitable for general purpose laboratory applications, lightweight, leakproof. Chemically compatible with a wide variety of lab reagents. Shatter-proof. With PP screw cap.

EPA-specified sample bottle material for a wide variety of inorganic compound and elemental analyses.

Ideal for lab applications requiring excellent chemical resistance and autoclaving of containers with or without contents. Leakproof. Autoclavable at 121 ºC.
MaterialOrder No.PU  Availability
 Round, narrow neck6018PEHD519128810Login / Registration13
 Round, narrow neck12521PEHD519128910Login / Registration17
 Round, narrow neck25021PEHD519129010Login / Registration272
 Round, narrow neck25021PP519129610Login / Registration54
 Round, narrow neck50022PEHD519129110Login / Registration29
 Round, wide neck3022PEHD519129910Login / Registration27
 Round, wide neck3022PP519130710Login / Registration468
 Round, wide neck6022PP519130810Login / Registration23
 Round, wide neck12532PEHD519128510Login / Registration23
 Round, wide neck50046PEHD519130310Login / Registration24
 Round, wide neck50046PP519131210Login / Registration13
 Round, wide neck100055PP51913135Login / Registration85
Further bulk packs and amber, light-protected versions are available on request.