BRAND  Surfaces Disinfection Tissue Pursept®-A Xpress

Surfaces Disinfection Tissue Pursept®-A Xpress

Pursept®-A Xpress is a ready-to-use preparation for rapid disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and instruments (e. g. liquid handling instruments). It works in only 15 s - even before the surface dries. DGHM tested and RKI compliant. Skin tolerance dermatologically tested. Simply wipe the surfaces with the tissue and leave to seak. pH value (20 °C): approx. 7.5.

Microbiological efficient / concentration for use:
Surface disinfection: bacteria and fungi with little organic burden with mechanics to DGHM/VAH: 15 s.
Limited virucidal efficacy* (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV): 15 s.
Effectiveness against TbB: 30 s.
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* As recommended by the RKI, Bundesgesundheitsblatt 01/2004.