Universal Detergent Mucasol®

Liquid, alkaline high-performance concentrate for immersion and ultrasonic baths. The universal cleaning agent for labware, which is made of glass, porcelain, plastics, rubber and metal instruments. Mucasol® is bacteriostatic and is suitable for radioactive decontamination. Solid articles are cleaned within 10 to 30 min, without mechanical help. Mucasol® replaces chromosulphuric acid, is free from chlorine and caustic alkalis, is non-toxic, non-aggressive, gentle to the skin, phosphate reduced and biodegradable. Prolonged exposure of zinc and non-anodised aluminium surfaces should be avoided. Mucasol® is also suitable for cleaning by wiping.
Concentration for use:
Ultrasonic bath:0.2 to 2 % (1.4 to 14 ml / l)
Immersion bath:0.7 to 3 % (5 to 22 ml / l)
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