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Tubes 1.2 ml, Rack Packed, Non-Sterile

PP. Tubes and racks. Ideal for biological tests, such as PCR, cell uptake studies, RIA, EIA etc. Functional design for storing, freezing down to - 80 °C and transporting reagents and specimens. System is compatible with standard microtiter plates and is suitable for sample transferring with multichannel pipettors.
  • 8 x 12 tubes.
  • Alphanumeric identification system.
  • Autoclavable (except PE-caps) at + 121 °C.
  • Size: outer-Ø 8.8 mm, height 45 mm.
  • Capacity 1.2 ml.
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 Rack with 96 individual tubes, PP, non-sterile9605407604-Login / Registration
 Rack with 12 strips of 8 tubes, PP, non-sterile1205407606-Login / Registration
 Individual tubes, PP, non-sterile, bulk9605407607-Login / Registration
 8 strip tubes, PP, non-sterile, bulk1205407608-Login / Registration
 Individual caps, PE, non-sterile, bulk9605407609-Login / Registration
 8 strip caps, PE, non-sterile, bulk1205407610-Login / Registration
 Rack with grid, PP, non-sterile (empty)105407611-Login / Registration