Kimberly FSC

KLEENEX® Multifold Hand Towels

Optimised towel design, with embossed KLEENEX® brand pattern.
  • Innovatives format through zig zag folding.
  • Format ensures the hand towels do not 'stream' when pulled through any dispenser.
  • Narrow footprint fits many dispensers.
  • Product quality through AIRFLEX* technology.
  • White.
  • FSC recycled.
  • Absorb water faster for an effective hand drying.
  • Strong when wet: dispense more easily and donát break up in usersá hands.
  • Soft textile-like feel and appearance.
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 KLEENEX® multifold hand towelssmall238 x 203of 150 towels165443529- Login / Registration
AQUARIUS multifold towel dispenser / Kimberly-Clark