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Laboratory Balances Series 321 LS

The models of the LS series combine precision with comprehensive user friendliness and an appealing design. Its reliable integrated weighing technology is extremely robust and long-lasting. Users can rely on this model range even in the toughest ambient conditions. A high-contrast display offers perfect readability in any environment.

An easy-to-use draft shield, many integrated weighing applications and interfaces for highly versatile accessories turn these latest-generation scales to a professional partner in laboratory and industry. The balance comes as standard with RS232 and USB interfaces.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • With fully automatic internal calibration system SCS.
  • blueLINE high contrast blue vacuum fluorescent display.
  • Clock with date and time.
  • Printout acc. to GLP.
  • Electronic anti-theft code.
  • IP65 protection against ingress of dust and water available.
  • Updates via Internet.
  • Life-long reliability.
  • Universal use.
  • Electronic levelling.
  • Data management.

  • Variety of measurement units.
  • Piece-counting.
  • Percent weighing.
  • Live animal weighing.
  • Dynamic weighing.
  • Density determination.
  • Formulation, weight by totalisation.
  • Programmable service messages.
  • Automatic reproducibility test (ART).
Technical Data:
Housing:die-cast aluminium
Interface:USB, RS232
Power supply:external
Power:18 VA
Weighing pan
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 Analytical balance LS120A SCS with glass draft shield1200.1 mg0.2Ø 906.615194215-Login / Registration
Analytical balance LS 220A SCS with glass draft shield2200.1 mg0.2Ø 906.615195309-Login / Registration
 Precision balance LS 320A SCS with glass draft shield3200.1 mg0.2Ø 906.615445177-Login / Registration
 Precision balance LS 160M SCS1601 mg1.5Ø 135 x 1355.515445178-Login / Registration 
 Precision balance LS 320M SCS3201 mg1.5Ø 135 x 1355.515445179-Login / Registration 
Precision balance LS 620M SCS6201 mg1.5Ø 135 x 1355.515195310-Login / Registration
 Precision balance LS 920M SCS9201 mg1.5Ø 135 x 1355.515445180-Login / Registration
 Precision balance LS 1220M SCS12201 mg2Ø 135 x 1355.515445181-Login / Registration
 Precision balance LS 320C SCS3200.01 g10Ø 200 x 2005.615445182-Login / Registration 
 Precision balance LS 620C SCS6200.01 g10Ø 200 x 2005.615445183-Login / Registration 
 Precision balance LS 1200C SCS12000.01 g10Ø 200 x 2005.615445184-Login / Registration 
 Precision balance LS 2200C SCS22000.01 g15Ø 200 x 2005.615191977-Login / Registration 
Precision balance LS 4200C SCS42000.01 g15Ø 200 x 2005.615195311-Login / Registration 
 Precision balance LS 6200C SCS62000.01 g15Ø 200 x 2005.615445186-Login / Registration
 Precision balance LS 3200C SCS32000.01 g15Ø 200 x 2005.615445185-on demand 
Precision balance LS 6200D SCS62000.1 g0.1Ø 200 x 2005.615195312-Login / Registration 
 Precision balance LS 10200D SCS102000.1 g0.15Ø 200 x 2005.615445188-Login / Registration 
 Precision balance LS 3200D SCS32000.1 g0.1Ø 200 x 2005.615445187-Login / Registration 
 Precision balance LS 10200G SCS102001 g1Ø 200 x 2005.615445189-Login / Registration 
EC verification for series 32     15191978-on demand