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Axygen® Strip and Individual PCR Tubes

Axygen® strip and individual PCR tubes are ideal for standard and real-time PCR applications. Using highly polished and precise molds, the tubes ensure precise thermal transfer and a leak-resistant seal with a choice of caps for strip tubes.

Axygen® individual PCR tubes are sealed with a full-length, even insertion cap that ensures a tight fit and reduces sample evaporation.
  • Manufactured from PP.
  • Ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness allows precise thermal transfer.
  • Unique cap design reduces sample evaporation.
  • Certified RNase- / DNase-free.
  • Nonpyrogenic.
  • PCR inhibition-free.
  • Clear.
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96 well half skirt automation compatible PCR microplate, non-sterile 50CORN5444100-Login / Registration
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Thin wall PCR 8-strip tubes with domed strip caps0.2100CORN5444103-Login / Registration
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Thin wall domed PCR 8-strip caps0.2100CORN5444105-Login / Registration