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Accessories for TILT Bottle System

TILT light shield:
The DURAN® TILT light shield is a white silicone sleeve that covers 94 % of the bottle surface. The sleeve has a number of protective functions: it blocks damaging ultraviolet (UV) light, protects the glass surface from damage and facilitates safer handling. Silicone provides a very good grip; especially when the bottle has been sprayed with 70 % alcohol for surface disinfection.
  • Incl. 4 x GL 56 bottle tags.

GL 56 GL 56 silicone bottle tags:
The bottle tags can be used on their own for colour identification or to secure the protective light shield around the bottle.

TILT GL 56 self-adhesive labels for screw cap:
Careful labelling of laboratory bottles is very important to prevent mix-ups and mistakes. The practical, self-adhesive GL 56 cap labels can be used to clearly indicate the separate bottles of media for each cell line and therefore also to prevent possible cross-contamination.

GL 45 thread adapter:
The re-usable adapter (GL 45 external / GL 56 internal) allows the use of the DURAN® TILT bottle with filtration units. Manufactured from inert PTFE, the adapter can be autoclaved and depyrogenised at 300 °C.

TILT GL 56 screw cap:
This ergonomic cap is made from non-cytotoxic materials. Easy to open and close.
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