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TILT Media Bottle

Biological safety cabinets and clean air hoods are essential for works with cell cultures under sterile conditions. This restricted working environment is challenging and time-consuming for the researcher and the work with cell culture media.

The DURAN® TILT bottle is the only cell culture media bottle which can be used in 2 positions: standing upright for filter sterilisation or storage and tilted 45° for easy pipetting. Benefit from more safety.
  • Space-saving bottle shape for storage in the refrigerator and for water baths.
  • Low bottle height for easy handling in safety cabinets.
  • 45° position for comfortable pipetting.
  • 100 % bigger opening for easy pipetting.
  • GL 56 mouth and screw cap for safer handling.
  • Double volume indicators for convenience at work.
  • Vacuum resistant bottle for safe filter sterilisation.
  • Clear glass.
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Height incl. cap.
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