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2in1 KITs

2in1 KITs contain 100 vials and 100 closures in a blue PP-Box. As both components are always required at the same time, 2in1 KITs are a convenient way to obtain and store all required items for analysis.
  • Vials packed in a cleanroom.
Technical Data:
Vials:short thread, SureStop™, wide opening
Volumen:1.5 ml
Dimensions:32 x 11.6 mm
Screw caps:9 mm, made of PP, blue, with hole; silicone white / PTFE red, 55° shore A, 1.0 mm.
Hydrolytic class:1
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 2in1 kitwith text and mark area, with overspeeding protectionclear glass350112436031Login / Registration-
 2in1 kitwith text and mark area, with overspeeding protectionamber glass350112436041Login / Registration-
 2in1 kitwith overspeeding protectionclear glass350112436961Login / Registration-
Aluminium crimp caps ND20 / magnetic universal screw caps ND18 / La-Pha-Pack