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Glassware for Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Series

plastic coating
Order No.PU Availability 
Glassware G1diagonal condenser for all standard distillationswithout72008201Login / Registration- 
Glassware G1Bdiagonal condenser for all standard distillationswith72007731Login / Registration- 
Glassware G3vertical condenser for all standard distillationswithout70700341Login / Registration- 
Glassware G3Bvertical condenser for all standard distillationswith73002321Login / Registration- 
Glassware G5dry ice condenser for low-boiling solventswithout70763521Login / Registration- 
Glassware G5Bdry ice condenser for low-boiling solventswith63314211Login / Registration- 
Glassware G6vertical condenser, centerpiece with valve for reflux distillationwithout60678111Login / Registration- 
Glassware G6Bvertical condenser, centerpiece with valve for reflux distillationwith63314221Login / Registration-