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Pandemic Protection Kit Type 2

The BERNER pandemic protection kit has been designed for workers who need to work constantly in a biological hazardous situation for a long time period. It meets the recommendations of the German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) for infectious protection sets type 2. The full face mask with appropriate filter enables an easy breathing, protects against biological agents and also absorbs gases which arise from decontamination. Acc. to the recommendations of the RKI for this type of protection kits, an standarised decontamination is possible.

The kit contains:
  • 1 Dupont Tychem® C impermeable protective overall of the highest category III, type 3, pressure-tight up to 2 bar, additionally tested as protective clothing against infective agents to EN 14126 (type 3-B).
  • 1 pair of safety boots type S5 with puncture-resistant sole (EN ISO 20345) and incorporated steel cap.
  • A full face respiratory mask Dräger X-plore® with the corresponding respiratory combination filter.
  • 1 pair BERNER nitrile chemical safety gloves Manu N with additional viral protection test acc. to ASTM F1671.
  • 1 pair BERNER latex chemical safety gloves Manu L made of extra thick material with additional viral protection test acc. to ASTM F1671.
  • 1 roll water proof duct tape to seal transitions..
  • 1 waste bag.
  • 1 cable tie.
  • 1 picture guide leaflet on how to put on the PPE in German and English.
  • Comprehensive PPE documentation.
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