Adapters for Dispensette® S / Titrette® / seripettor® / seripettor® pro / QuikSip™

Made of PP or ETFE. Adapters of ETFE offer higher chemical resistance.
For bottle
MaterialPUOrder Stock  
 GL 32GL 22PP15284622- Login / Registration
 GL 32GL 25PP15284625- Login / Registration
 GL 32GL 28PP15284628- Login / Registration
 GL 32GL 30PP15284630- Login / Registration
 GL 45GL 32PP15284646- Login / Registration
 GL 45GL 38PP15284647- Login / Registration
 GL 45S 40PP15284643- Login / Registration
 S 40S 60PE15284644- Login / Registration
 GL 32GL 25ETFE15284675- Login / Registration
 GL 32GL 28ETFE15284678- Login / Registration
 GL 32GL 30ETFE15284680-Login / Registration
 GL 45GL 32ETFE15284648- Login / Registration
 GL 45GL 38ETFE15284649- Login / Registration
 GL 32NS 19 / 26PP15284719- Login / Registration
 GL 32NS 24 / 29PP15284724- Login / Registration
 GL 32NS 29 / 32PP15284729- Login / Registration
 GL 45S 54PP15436642- Login / Registration
S = buttress thread.