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Cryo Tubes wih Male resp. Female Thread

PP with highest translucence. For the storing and conservation of tissue cultures and biological samples e. g. sera, blood and spermata.

For applications to - 190 °C in the gaseous phase of liquid nitrogen or in freezers. The tubes are produced in a class 7 clean room (class 10000) acc. to DIN ISO 13485:2004, ISO 14644 and 14698 (Federal Standard 209).
  • Sterilised by beta-radiation acc. to EN ISO 11137.
  • Lid with integrated sealing function; no additional silicone O-ring.
  • Internal conical bottom for complete emptying.
  • White graduations for precise measurement.
  • White lettering for sample identification.
  • Available with internal or external threads.
  • Equipped with base for using with one hand.
  • 2.0, 4.0 and 5.0 ml tubes available also with round bottom.
  • Packaged in PE bags, 20 x 50 pcs.
VersionØ x height
Order No.PU Availability
 1.2male thread, self-standing12.3 x 4154435901000Login / Registration-
 2.0male thread, round base12.3 x 4654435811000Login / Registration-
 2.0male thread, self-standing12.3 x 4763645381000Login / Registration-
 3.0male thread, self-standing12.3 x 7154435821000Login / Registration-
 4.0male thread, self-standing12.3 x 7554435831000Login / Registration-
5.0male thread, self-standing12.3 x 9060688501000Login / Registration-
1.2female thread, self-standing12.3 x 4354435841000Login / Registration-
2.0female thread, round base12.3 x 4754435851000Login / Registration-
 2.0female thread, self-standing12.3 x 4863660621000Login / Registration-
 4.0female thread, round base12.3 x 7554435871000Login / Registration-
4.0female thread, self-standing12.3 x 7654435861000Login / Registration-
 5.0female thread, round base12.3 x 9054435891000Login / Registration-
 5.0female thread, self-standing12.3 x 9154435881000Login / Registration-