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Microbiological Safety Cabinets CLAIRE® PURE

CLAIRE® PURE is the starter version of the CLAIRE® series which provides a selective and wide range of options at an attractive price.

The innovative generation of microbiologic safety cabinets of the class 2 offers max. protection against infections and meets the highest ergonomic requirements. The system with 2 filters ensures a high level of safety when handling biological substances in the protection and security levels S1-S3. The combination of tested and innovative technologies as well as the production and quality 'made in Germany' turn this safety cabinet into something special: a premium product that guarantees that both people and product are highly protected against contamination.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Clear and modern design.
  • Ergonomic efficiency at the workplace.
  • The latest EC fans.
  • Excellent performance and max. safety.
  • Innovative touch display.
  • Intuitive operation and user-friendly menu navigation.
  • Special, non-glare LED light technology.
  • Extra low energy consumption.

The high-quality standard equipment contains:
  • Stable ergonomic base.
  • 230 V / 50 Hz socket in the working area.
  • Preparation for additional power sockets or interfaces.
  • 2 x 22 mm side window lead-through on each side.
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 CLAIRE® PURE C-3-130cytostatic safety cabinet54398481Login / Registration-
 CLAIRE® PURE C-3-190cytostatic safety cabinet54398491Login / Registration-
 CLAIRE® PURE B-2-130microbiological safety cabinet54398501Login / Registration-
 CLAIRE® PURE B-2-160microbiological safety cabinet54433591Login / Registration-
 CLAIRE® PURE B-2-190microbiological safety cabinet54398511Login / Registration-
 CLAIRE® PURE B-3-130microbiological safety cabinet54398521Login / Registration-
 CLAIRE® PURE B-3-190microbiological safety cabinet54398531Login / Registration-
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