Transferpette® - 8 / - 12, Adjustable Volume - Multi-Channel Pipette

The ease of operation and its ergonomic shape allow seasy working with the Transferpette® -8 / -12 piston-operated pipette. Very light in weight due to the use of high-quality materials. Hands remain relaxed and loose, even during a prolonged pipetting operation.
  • Special FKM V-rings and the stepped shape of the ejector significantly reduce the ejection force needed.
  • Individual shafts and seals can easily be replaced in the laboratory - for long instrument life.
  • Universal tip cones: fit all conventional pipette tips.
  • Easy Calibration Technique: calibration and adjustments are done fast without tools.
  • Autoclavable lower housing (121 °C), freely rotatable over 360°.
  • Separate tip ejector - minimal tip ejection force needed.
  • Coloured tip ejector caps indicate appropriate tips to use.
  • Corrosion resistant design.
  • CE-marked acc. to IVD-Directive 98/79 EC.

Items supplied:
Transferpette® - 8 / - 12, conformity certified, with performance certificate, 2 TipBox, filled with pipette tips from BRAND, 1 Tip-Rack for refilling, 1 stand, 1 reagent-reservoir, silicone oil and 1 set of sealing rings made of FKM.
Type of tipPUOrder Stock  
 Transferpette® - 1220 to 2001.02 to 200, 5 to 300, 2 to 20*, 5 to 100*, 5 to 200*152805172 on demand
* Filter tips.
Calibrated to deliver (TD, »Ex«). A = Accuracy, CV = Coefficient of variation. Error limits acc. to the nominal capacity (= max. volume) indicated on the instrument.