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HPLC Method Development Kits

Method development is critical and time consuming work. Now, itás easier than ever to evaluate the best chemistries for your separation with Agilent Method Development Kits. These kits include a range of column chemistries and selectivities, giving you the tools you need to save time and optimise your separation.

Choose from a variety of kits to suit your needs:
  • Poroshell 120 L1, L7, and L10 USP Kits make it easier to improve speed and sample throughput - without sacrificing resolution.
  • Poroshell 120 Selectivity Kits provide a variety of column chemistries to help quickly adjust your analyte retention and selectivity.
  • ZORBAX RRHD and Poroshell 120 Aqueous Method Development Kits are ideal for polar compounds and 100 % aqueous conditions, so you can achieve greater analyte retention without the phase collapse that can occur with C18 chemistries.
  • ZORBAX RRHD Eclipse Plus Kits help you achieve outstanding performance, peak shape, and method development fl exibility for pH 2 to 9.
  • ZORBAX RRHD pH Method Kits give you more options when performing separations at varying pH levels.
Order No.PU Availability
 Poroshell 120 SelectivityEC-C18, Phenyl-Hexyl, Bonus-RP4.6 x 50310519061561Login / Registration-
 ZORBAX RRHD pHSB-C18, Eclipse Plus C18, Extend C182.1 x 50310519061521Login / Registration-
 ZORBAX RRHD EclipseEclipse Plus C18, Eclipse Plus C8, Eclipse Plus Phenyl-Hexyl2.1 x 50310519061531Login / Registration-
 ZORBAX RRHD AqueousSB-Aq, Bonus RP, Eclipse Plus Phenyl-Hexyl2.1 x 50310519061541Login / Registration-