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Surface-Disinfectant Wipes Mikrobac® Tissues

Aldehyde- and alcohol-free disinfection wipes for rapid disinfection of medical equipment that is covered by the Medical Device Directive and other surfaces.
  • Ready-to-use disinfection wipes.
  • Fragrance- and colourant-free.
  • Short action time.
  • Wide range of material compatibility.
  • Good coverage and cleaning power.
  • Safe and easy withdrawal of single wipes due to practical folding system.
  • Resealable packing.
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 Mikrobac® tissuesflowpack of 80 wipes543035080Login / Registration8
 Mikrobac® tissues XXLflowpack of 40 wipes544323640Login / Registration2
Bacillol® AF tissuesflowpack of 80 wipes543430180Login / Registration23
 Bacillol® 30 tissuesflowpack of 80 wipes543429980Login / Registration2
 Flowpack wall holder-54343001Login / Registration-