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PD-Tips, Positive Displacement Tips

The PD-Tips with patented size encoding are the ideal system component for the repetitive pipettes HandyStep® electronic with automatic tip size recognition. They continue to fit the HandyStep®, HandyStep® S, Rainin AutoRep™ M, Rainin AutoRep™ S, Eppendorf Multipette® 4780 and EDOS® 521(without automatic tip size recognition) and Gilson®, Repetman® and Rainin AutoRep™ E (with automatic tip size recognition).
  • PD-Tips are working on the direct displacement principle and are therefore particularly suitable for dispensing of fluids with high viscosity, high vapour pressure etc.
  • To simplify the calibration of repetitive pipettes, the PD-Tips with size encoding are supplied with the batch certificate.
  • PD-Tips are made from high-quality materials (cylinder: PP / piston: PEHD, 0.1 ml: LCP).
  • With DE-M marking, comply to ISO 8655.
  • An adapter (autoclavable) is supplied as standard for 25 and 50 ml.
  • Available either non-sterile or sterile / endotoxin-free (individually wrapped), as well as BIO-CERT® quality (individually wrapped). BIO-CERT® products are sterile, free from DNA, RNase, ATP and endotoxins.
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