Test Strips

Highly portable: each test strip is designed for semiquantitative determination of ions and compounds.

These versatile strips can be used in concentration ranges as low as 1 or 10 mg / l, right up to the g / l range. The strips allow you to run a swift screening of sampleás contents. This saves considerable time and costs during analyses, quality checks and in-process controls.

Thanks to the PET film backing material and the low reagent content, the test strips are also easy to dispose of.
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 Ammonium10-30-60-100-200-400 mg / l NH410011002400014 Login / Registration
 Ascorbic acid50-100-200-300-500-700-1000-2000 mg / l ascorbic acid1001100230001-Login / Registration
 Chloride500-1000-1500-2000-3000 mg / l Cl10011007900014 Login / Registration
 Chlorine (free chlorine)0.5-1-2-5-10-20 mg / l Cl27511792500016 Login / Registration
 Chlorine (free chlorine)25-50-100-200-500 mg / l Cl21001179240001-Login / Registration
 Chromate3-10-30-100 mg / l CrO41001100120001-Login / Registration
 Cyanide1-3-10-30 mg / l CN1001100440001-Login / Registration
 Iron3-10-25-50-100-250-500 mg / l Fe(II)10011000400013 Login / Registration
 Total hardness3-4-7-14-21 °d10011002500012 Login / Registration
 Total hardness5-10-15-20-25 °d10011004600015 Login / Registration
 Copper10-30-100-300 mg / l Cu1001100030001-Login / Registration
 Nickel10-25-100-250-500 mg / l Ni1001100060001-Login / Registration
 Nitrate10-25-50-100-250-500 mg / l NO31001100200001166 Login / Registration
 Nitrite0.5-1-2-5-10 mg / l NO2751100570001-Login / Registration
 Nitrite2-5-10-20-40-80 mg / l NO21001100070001124 Login / Registration
 Peracetic acid5-10-20-30-50 mg / l peracetic acid1001100840001-Login / Registration
 Peracetic acid100-150-200-250-300-400-500 mg / l peracetic acid1001100010001-Login / Registration
 Peroxide0.5-2-5-10-25 mg / l H2O210011001100011 Login / Registration
 Peroxide1-3-10-30-100 mg / l H2O2100110081000128 Login / Registration
 Peroxide100-200-400-600-800-1000 mg / l H2O21001103370001-Login / Registration
 Phosphate10-25-50-100-250-500 mg / l PO41001104280001-Login / Registration
 Quaternary ammonium compounds10-25-50-100-250-500 mg / l benzalkonium chloride1001179200001-Login / Registration
 Sulfate200-400-800-1200-1600 mg / l SO410011001900011 Login / Registration
 Sulfite10-40-80-180-400 mg / l SO3100110013000123 Login / Registration