pH Indicator Strips

Merck  pH Indicator Strips
Merck pH Indicator Strips
The pH tests deliver brilliant, colour-coded results with ease and speed. They are suitable for all types of media in environmental analysis and industrial in-process controls. Even highly turbid liquids pose no problems. The special transparent test strips ensure clear, reliable measurements - without filtration or clarification.

The SafetyEdge box easily dispenses the strips when you need them, yet prevents them from falling.
Contents100 pcs.
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 pH indicator strips 0 to 14 universal indicator1095350001100Login / Registration1038
 pH indicator strips 0 to 6.01095310001100Login / Registration124
 pH indicator strips 2.5 to 4.51095410001100Login / Registration115
 pH indicator strips 4.0 to 7.01095420001100Login / Registration106
 pH indicator strips 5.0 to 10.01095330001100Login / Registration54
 pH indicator strips 6.5 to 10.01095430001100Login / Registration389