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pH Indicator Papers

The pH tests deliver brilliant, colour-coded results with ease and speed. They are suitable for all types of media in environmental analysis and industrial in-process controls. Even highly turbid liquids pose no problems. The special transparent test strips ensure clear, reliable measurements - without filtration or clarification.

The SafetyEdge box easily dispenses the strips when you need them, yet prevents them from falling.
The pH indicator papers are made of high-quality filter papers which are soaked with indicator solution.
  • Protected against external factors such as humidity, light and gasses.
  • Extended shelf-life.
  • Storage temperature: 10 to 25 °C.
  • Roll of 4.8 mm.
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 Universal indicator paper1 to 14311096200037 Login / Registration
 Universal indicator paper refill pack*1 to 1461102320001-Login / Registration
 Universal indicator paper1 to 10310952600032 Login / Registration
 Universal indicator paper refill pack*1 to 1061095270001-Login / Registration
 Indicator paper Acilit®0.5 to 531095600003-Login / Registration
 Indicator paper Acilit® refill pack*0.5 to 561095680001-Login / Registration
 Indicator paper Neutralit®5.5 to 931095640003-Login / Registration
 Indicator paper Neutralit® refill pack*5.5 to 961095690001-Login / Registration
 Indicator paper Alkalit®9.5 to 1331095620003-Login / Registration
 Indicator paper Alkalit® refill pack*9.5 to 1361095700001-Login / Registration
 Special indicator paper3.8 to 5.431095550003-Login / Registration
 Special indicator paper5.4 to 731095560003-Login / Registration
 Special indicator paper6.4 to 8310955700032 Login / Registration
 Special indicator paper8.2 to 10310955800031 Login / Registration
* Refill packs without colour scale.