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InLab® ORP / Redox Electrodes

  • Robust and reliable: deep application know-how, high technology, production and quality standards 'made in Switzerland'.
  • Easy use - plug & measure: everything you need is incl. with every electrode (storage cap, tutorial videos etc.).
  • Secure and independent thanks to the Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®).
  • Compatible with all pH meters (independently from the manufacturer, please note connections / temperature sensors).
 TypepH rangeTemperature range
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InLab® Redox-L0 to 100platinum ringS7glass17015041468-Login / Registration
InLab® Redox Au0 to 100gold ringS7glass12015041469-Login / Registration
InLab® Redox Ag0 to 100silver ringS7glass12015041470-Login / Registration
InLab® Redox0 to 100platinum ringS7glass12015041501-Login / Registration
InLab® Redox Flow0 to 100platinum ringS7glass12015429437-Login / Registration
InLab® Redox Micro (6 mm schaft)0 to 100platinum ringS7glass10015429438-Login / Registration
 InLab® Redox Ag805- 30 to + 130silver ringS7glass12017095009-Login / Registration
 InLab® Redox Pt805- 30 to + 130platinum ringS7glass12019041811-Login / Registration
 InLab® Redox Ag850- 30 to + 80silver ringS7PP12019041812-Login / Registration