InLab® Maintenance-Free Electrodes

  • Robust and reliable: deep application know-how, high technology, production and quality standards 'made in Switzerland'.
  • Easy use - plug & measure: everything you need is incl. with every electrode (storage cap, tutorial videos etc.).
  • Secure and independent thanks to the Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®).
  • Compatible with all pH meters (independently from the manufacturer, please note connections / temperature sensors).
Polymer electrolyte. For aqueous solutions (outdoors, contaminated, suspensions, protein etc.). Mechanically very robust.
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InLab® Expert NTC30120MultiPinNTC 30 kOhm15041418-Login / Registration
InLab® Expert Pro120BNCNTC 30 kOhm150414568 Login / Registration
InLab® Expert DIN120DINPt1000150414571 Login / Registration
InLab® Expert Pt1000120MultiPinPt1000150414582 Login / Registration
InLab® Expert Go-ISM1201.8 m BNC (IP67) / RCA (Cinch)NTC 30 k0hm15425092-Login / Registration
InLab® Expert Go-5m-ISM1205 m Kabel BNC / RCA (Cinch)NTC 30 k0hm15425093-Login / Registration
InLab® Expert Go-10m-ISM12010 m BNC (IP67) / RCA (Cinch)NTC 30 k0hm15425094-Login / Registration
InLab® Expert Pro-ISM1201.2 m BNC / RCA (Cinch)NTC 30 k0hm15427765-Login / Registration
InLab® Expert120S7without15429887-Login / Registration
InLab® Expert Pro-2m-ISM1202 m BNC / RCA (Cinch)NTC 30 kOhm15429888-Login / Registration
 InLab® Expert Go1201.8 m BNC (IP67) / RCA (Cinch)NTC 30 kOhm16327470-Login / Registration