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Aerne Analytic 

Aerne Analytic
Water Baths Eurotherm II

To breed bacteria or yeast cultures, e. g. acidification cultures.
  • Equipped with a keypad.
  • Material: white PP.
 Usable space
PUOrder No.in Stock  
 230 x 125 x 200500515443473-on demand 
 230 x 180 x 2001000815443474-on demand 
 230 x 230 x 20010001015443475-on demand 
 380 x 230 x 12010001115443476-on demand 
 390 x 250 x 120100011.515443477-on demand 
 390 x 150 x 20015001215443478-on demand 
 390 x 245 x 20020001915443479-on demand 
 390 x 250 x 20020002015443480-on demand 
 390 x 380 x 20025003015443481-on demand 
 880 x 360 x 12030003815443482-on demand 
 440 x 230 x 30025004215443483-on demand 
 600 x 360 x 23029005015443484-on demand 
 1000 x 450 x 15029006815443485-on demand
 1000 x 460 x 15029007015443486-on demand
Custom-made products are available on request.
Options for water baths Eurotherm II (on request): circulating pump, overflow standpipe, st. steel / plastic drain valve, ring socket for lids, ring insert for lid, two-piece lid, external inlet.
Accessories for waterbaths Eurotherm II (on request): flat- and tilted lids, insert racks.