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Hazardous Material Working Places with Fresh Air Curtain

Safe chemical handling.
  • Specified working place limit values are maintained.
  • Max. user safety.
  • Made of chemically resistant, anodised aluminium profiles.
  • Integrated, working place lighting mounted to avoid glare.
  • Monitoring electronics as standard.
  • Highly effective pollutant capture through special, internally mounted fresh air curtain equipment.
  • Chemically resistant exhaust air ducts - connecting pieces (DN 160) on the ceiling region for connecting to the customer's exhaust air plant.

For models GAP.125.xx:
  • All the electronic equipment can be started up and switched off by switches.

Standard equipment:
  • Inlet and outlet air monitoring (visual and audible alarm).
  • Interior lighting.
  • Transparent side walls.
  • Rear wall easily dismantled for optimum cleaning.
  • Melamine resin coated rear wall.
  • St. steel working surface.
  • Medium duct with 2 sockets (models with width of 1800 mm upwards with 4 sockets)

Extraction air inlet NW: 160 mm.
 TypeOutside dimens­ions
(W x D x H)
m / h
Pressure loss
No. of air vents
(Ø 160 mm)
Order No.PU Availability 
GAP.095.090.060900 x 600 x 110037052160088901Login / Registration-
GAP.095.120.0601200 x 600 x 110051099154427981Login / Registration-
GAP.095.180.060*1800 x 600 x 110079061254427991Login / Registration-
 GAP.125.090900 x 750 x 140050096154428001Login / Registration-
 GAP.125.1201200 x 750 x 1400690185154428011Login / Registration-
GAP.125.180*1800 x 750 x 14001080114254428021Login / Registration-
Supplied without underbench cabinets, support frame and facing panel.
Additional media on request.
* Extraction air inlet NW: 2 x 160 mm.
Configurations for hazardous material working places with fresh air curtain / asecos
Accessories for hazardous material working places with fresh air curtain / asecos