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Serum-Free Systems

The Panserin media produced by PAN-Biotech are offered in different, highly specialised variations. Therefore, these media are suitable for a wide range of hematopoietic and adherent cells. Cells without serum, i. e. under chemically defined conditions, are already successfully cultivated.
  • Lower risk of contamination with bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma or virus.
  • Defined and reproducible formulations result in more convincing and comparable research data.
  • Time-consuming batch tests are dispensable.
  • Elimination of a source for possible infectious agents (prions).
  • Ease of purification of end products.
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements for the manufacturing of medical products.
  • Reduction of impurities in end products by culture residues.
 TypeContentsPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Spodopan, insect cells500 ml15443430-on demand
 Panserin 401, hybridoma cells500 ml15443431-on demand
 Panserin C6000, CHO cells500 ml15443432-on demand
 Panserin 413, lymphocytes cells / T-cells500 ml15443433-on demand