Blue Light LED Transilluminator BlueLight Table

Blue light LED transilluminator for the detection of nucleic acids or proteins under non-UV conditions. There is no need for any special personal eye or skin protection.

The wavelength of the LED lights is 470 nm, the viewing area is 200 x 120 mm. An amber filter, on hinges, is lowered into position once the gel is mounted. It is designed to view biomolecules in the gel after running electrophoresis stained with SERVA DNA Stain Clear G and other fluorescent staining reagents.
  • Ergonomic fusion-patented 4° ergonomic viewing angle ('Golden Angle').
  • Optimised for use with nucleic acid and protein fluorescent dyes.
  • Blue light source good for 30000 h.
  • No risk of UV damage for high quality work experience.
  • Smart power-save function: automatic power shut-down option at 5 min.
  • Gel cutting knife: cut out the target from the gel for further experiment.
  • Weight: < 1.3 kg.
  • Cardboard hood for image capturing with a smartphone.
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