Autosampler-Vials, PFA

VITLAB®  Autosampler-Vials, PFA
Raised graduation with 1 ml subdivisions. Translucent material for optimum visibility of the liquid contained in the vial. Conical interior for use with autosamplers. The outer design allows easy handling of the autosampler-vials with forceps. Optionally available with snap cap for long term storage or lid with knob for fast opening and closing (dust protection) of the vial.
  • Especially suitable for use in trace analysis.
  • No memory effects.
  • Practically no carryover due to the extremely hydrophobic, anti-adhesive, smooth surfaces.
  • High thermal stability from - 200 to + 260 °C, autoclavable.
  • Chemical inertness against nearly all chemicals.
  • Easy to clean.

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VITLAB® Autosampler-Vials, PFA

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Delivery without lid or cap: please order the fitting lid (Order No. 5442460 resp. 5442461) separately.
Closures for autosampler-vials, PFA / Vitlab