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Accessories for Water Purification System PURELAB® CHORUS 1

 TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Wall mounting kitfor Halo dispenser16377364-Login / Registration
 Purification packfor RO feed water16377365-Login / Registration
 Disinfection cartridge-15442448-Login / Registration
 Ultrafiltration module (UF)5 kDa for Life Science model16309826-Login / Registration
 Ultra-micro filter (UMF)0.05 μm for Analytical Research model16378468-Login / Registration
 Replacement UV lampfor Life Science and Analytical Research models15442449-Login / Registration
 POU filter0.2 μm16356379-Login / Registration
 PU biofilter-16009376-Login / Registration
 Pre-treatment filter 5"0.2 μm nominal15442450-Login / Registration
Purification packs for further feed water qualities available on request.
Further accessories and suitable pre-treatment systems available on request.