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Water Purification System PURELAB® CHORUS 1

The PURELAB® Chorus 1 delivers an ultimate water purity of 18.2 MΩ cm (type I+/I) for critical and highly sensitive applications. The innovative PureSure® technology guarantees accurate results at all times and saves operating costs. Laboratories can choose from 3 simply to use system models, 3 different dispenser types and various configurations.

Model Life Science

PCR, cell cultures, micro biology, molecular biology, IVF, ART, DNS, monoclonal antibodies.

Model Analytical Research
Trace analysis, GC, GFAA, HPLC, IC, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, LC-MS, TOC analysis.

Model General Science
AAS, IC, ICP, standard buffers.
Technical Data:
Dispense flowrate:up to 2 l / min
Inorganics at 25 °C:1.2 MΩ cm
Total organic carbon (TOC):1 to 3 ppb (General Science model: 3 to 10 ppb)
Bacteria:< 0.1 CFU / ml (General Science model: < 1 CFU / ml)
Bacterial endotoxin:< 0.001 EU / ml (only Life Science model)
RNase:< 0.002 ng / ml (only Life Science model)
DNase:< 20 pg / ml (only Life Science model)
Dimensions (H x W x D):435 x 375 x 340 mm
Feed water:Pre-treated water < 30 µS / cm
 TypeParticleOrder No.PU Availability 
 PURELAB® CHORUS 1, Life Scienceultra filtration63773601Login / Registration-
 PURELAB® CHORUS 1, Analytical Research0.05 μm54424441Login / Registration-
 PURELAB® CHORUS 1, General Science0.2 μm with optional end filter54424451Login / Registration-
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